Parish Stewardship Report

Stewardship Report 2015 2016An excerpt from Fr. Daniel found in this year's Stewardship Report:

We are proud to offer you this annual report, which highlights the ways we have lived our parish mission over the past year. We call it a stewardship report because it illustrates how we have cared for the gifts of time, talent and treasure that have been so generously brought to our community table. We thank you for your contributions.

We have titled our 2015-2016 stewardship report, PAVING THE WAY, to make a clear reference to the construction that has taken place on the parish grounds over the 2016 summer. We will need your generous support to repay the debt in the years  to come; that said, this project allows us to better use our space for parking, liturgical gatherings and receptions, as well as provide a safer and more functional environment above and below the surface.

However, the phrase, PAVING THE WAY, is also aptly suited to a faith community that is moving forward on the road to God’s Kingdom. It connotes both the spiritual construction that is taking place among the members of our community to enhance discipleship, as well as the ministerial construction which is our response to the social mission of the Church.